Air Conditioning in Phoenix AZAir Conditioning in Phoenix is costly to operate.

Valley homeowners may find their utility costs skyrocketing in the summer months when the air conditioning in Phoenix homes is running full time.  Because of this, we’re frequently asked: “Should I close the air conditioning vents in rooms in my house that are not being used, to save energy and cut costs?”

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While this might seem like a good idea, the answer is “No”.  Home Energy Pros1 calls this idea a “myth”, and we agree.

Your air conditioning system is sized and balanced for your home.

Here’s why.  Your air conditioning system is sized and balanced to properly cool your entire home.  Closing off some vents and blocking the air flow into those areas will throw the system out of balance, causing it to actually work harder.  Cooling a smaller space than what it’s designed for will cause your system to cycle more frequently, which means it will operate less efficiently.

Your air conditioning system could be cooling the outdoors!

Air Conditioning Phoenix specialist Mark StevensAlso, the additional pressure that’s put on the venting system can cause cold air leaks from the ductwork.  So you could end up increasing your utility costs by losing cold air into the attic or outdoors.

Another factor that’s rarely considered is that interior rooms are not insulated.  That means radiant heat from uncooled rooms will transmit heat into the cooled rooms.  So closing the vent in that spare bedroom next to the family room may make the family room feel that much less comfortable, tempting you to turn the thermostat down and completely defeating your purpose!

The best approach?  Ask our Air Conditioning Specialist.

The best way to keep your utility costs down is to keep your air conditioning system operating efficiently by making sure the system is correctly sized and balanced, as well as working properly.  For that, you’ll need to have one of our air conditioning specialists check out your system.  

Schedule your annual AC check up.

Why not schedule your annual ac check up today; and ask our ac expert about keeping your air conditioning system working as efficiently as possible.

Questions about air conditioning in Phoenix?  Give us a call!  An air conditioning specialist is always available to answer your questions during business hours.

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