Phoenix air conditioning check up in progressYes!  An air conditioning check up can extend the life of your air conditioner.

Just bought a new car … well, a “new to me” gently used car … and it got me thinking.  The car is several years old, but has low mileage and is in remarkably good condition.  Somebody really took good care of this vehicle, and it shows. Not just in how it looks, but also in how well it runs.

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So what does that have to do with air conditioning?  Well, just like a car, your air conditioning system will last longer and run better if it’s well taken care of.  And that means regular semi-annual air conditioning/heating system check ups.

Air Conditioning check up includes lubricating parts as needed.

Do you take your car in for an oil and lube on a regular basis?  Of course you do!  Your older air conditioner may need lubricating as well.  Our air conditioning check up includes inspecting bearings and lubricating moving parts as needed.  That alone is worth the cost of the check up – keeping all those parts moving as they should!  Newer units are sealed, and don’t need lubricating, but they still need regular check ups and periodic maintenance.

What does an air conditioning check up cover?

We’ll inspect and tighten the electrical connections on your air conditioning system, too.  I remember the time my old car just simply wouldn’t start one day.  I thought the battery was bad but it actually turned out the battery connections were lose.  Tightened those up and we were good to go again.  When I asked how the connections had come lose, the mechanic said it happens over time – they can vibrate loose.  And so can the electrical connections on your air conditioner.  Granted a car vibrates a whole lot more than an air conditioner (especially if you’re driving on rough roads – think of all the construction here in the Phoenix area!) but when your air conditioner is working full-time to battle the heat of an Arizona summer, chances are good something may jiggle loose.  Which means your ac, like my car, will just stop working.  When that happens, you’re talking an emergency service call.  Isn’t it smarter to have those connections checked before something has a chance to go wrong?

Our air conditioning check up covers a lot!

There are lots of other things included in our air conditioning check up – checking the run capacitor, the amp draws on the motor, inspecting contactors, relays and capacitors , checking the thermostat and temperature split, etc.  Every air conditioning system is different, of course, so what needs to be done for your air conditioning check up might be somewhat different than what’s done at your neighbor’s house, but you can be sure when we do an air conditioning check-up it’s thorough.

Take care of your air conditioner, and it’ll give you years of reliable service. 

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