Phoenix air conditioner repair expert Mark Stevens with Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air ConditioningAnswer: Only one if you are smart about it.

The idea is simple—keep your air conditioner well maintained and consult an expert when your air conditioner is down, and your a/c repair bills can be kept to an absolute minimum.  

If you’re a cost-savvy homeowner, read the following post to get the most out of your air conditioner.

Note: We like story-telling and nothing hits home more than a real story from a newly reformed (thanks to us) client!

We recently received a call from a client who was rather distraught when her a/c stopped working and it was over 90 degrees outside. As any good air conditioner repair provider would, we went through a checklist of questions to assess her situation. She informed us that she had neglected calling a repair guy to come look at her a/c the previous week when she heard suspicious sounds coming from the unit. She let the noises continue for over a week until finally her a/c completely shut down. She was desperate and needed us to come take a look. So we did what any good a/c company would do—we rushed out, tools in hand and everything!

After two grueling hours, we discovered a sneaky, rather smelly and, unfortunately, very dead creature, aka: a mouse! Yup, this brave but misguided little soul had ventured right in to this lady’s a/c and decided to make a home for himself. Of course, we fixed the problem, gave her a moderately priced bill (she might disagree!), and were on our way to solve the next big crime!

Some helpful tips to follow so you can avoid a similar situation:

Tip #1: React Today if you think your air conditioner needs repair or maintenance.

Don’t let your problem get out of hand. As harrowing as it might be to call a repair guy, your a/c service tech wants to help you. He wants to solve your  air conditioner repair problem and make sure you are back to be being comfortable as quickly as possible. With our client above, she might have avoided additional costs had she just addressed those suspicious sounds when she first heard them.

Tip #2: Air Conditioner Maintenance: When To DIY and When Not To DIY.

DIY is great. We encourage everyone to put on his or her DIY hat from time to time. But let’s face it: your air conditioner is the most expensive, and probably the most complex, appliance in your home and you rely on it working properly to keep your home comfortable.  While some air conditioner repair problems might be simple enough for you to do yourself, most are not.  So why not just call the experts?  They’ll fix your air conditioner repair problem right the first time, saving you both time and money.  Your air conditioner company is there to make sure your a/c is running up to speed….you can work with your a/c company and ensure your a/c is well maintained to begin with, keeping problems and expensive repairs to a minimum.

Questions about air conditioner repair?  Give us a call!  An experienced ac tech is always available to answer your questions…at no cost and no obligation to you.

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 Author Bio: This was a guest post by Amy Rhodes, who currently resides in London, England and works alongside