AC Repair specialist Mark StevensAC Repair sometimes means replacement:

A Phoenix homeowner recently had one of our ac repair technicians out for a system check up on his air conditioning split system (which includes a gas furnace).  The tech did the check up and found the system was functioning properly at that time.  But as a part of the ac service, he checked the serial number of the unit.  When he did, he found that the unit was one of many built by Consolidated Industries more than a decade ago which has subsequently been recalled.  The tech recommended that the customer have the ac system replaced as soon as possible as a safety precaution.

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Thousands of AC units were recalled.

Thousands of ac split systems built by Consolidated Industries and distributed under brand names including Consolidated, Premier, Addison and Weatherking prior to 2001 were recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)(1) after dozens of fires associated with the gas furnaces in the systems were reported.  The recall was necessary because the heat exchangers in these units are prone to crack, and when that happens flames can shoot out and quickly set a house on fire.

But thousands of AC units are still in repair phoenix az unit replaced

In addition to the recall, safety alert warnings have been issued.  But in spite of the recall and the warnings, it’s not uncommon for an ac repair tech to find one of these units still in use today.  When that happens, our ac repair technicians always make the customer aware of the extreme fire hazard posed by the unit, and recommend that the homeowner replace the air conditioner immediately.  That was the situation in this case.   Our customer was completely unaware of the danger lurking in his attic!  

Time for AC System Check Up to avoid unnecessary AC Repair.

Although the cold temperatures have passed and we’re well into the air conditioning season here in the Phoenix area, we thought we’d bring this situation to your attention in case you have an air conditioner/furnace built by Consolidated Industries that’s still in use at your home.  If you do, we strongly recommend you have the unit replaced immediately!  If you’re not sure, have your ac technician check the serial number when you have our ac system check up.  Our technicians routinely provide this important safety check when we perform any ac repair or ac system check up for our customers.

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(1) While the recall by the CPSC took place in California, many of these recalled units have been discovered in homes in the Phoenix Arizona area.  For more information about the recall, see: