Unfortunately, yes.  Rising Copper Pipe theft has led to increasing Copper Pipe Replacement.  The copper riser pipe and pressure vacuum breaker were stolen from this vacant home in Phoenix, leaving the home without water.  We were called in to replace both, and restore water service to the home.  Ron had this job completed and the water back on in just a few hours, so the new owners could move in.

With the value of copper on the rise, incidents of theft and damage to vacant homes is also on the rise.  The thieves are only interested in the price they can sell the copper for, but that is often a fairly insignificant amount compared to the damage done to the home as walls, ceilings, stucco, landscaping, etc. are torn out in the search for copper pipes and copper wiring.

What can you do if you’re the owner of a vacant property?  Try to make the property look occupied if possible.  Keep the electricity on to the house and use timers to turn lights on and off at different times.  Don’t leave trash or trash containers around, and don’t let junk mail pile up. Keep the home tidy: have the lawn mowed regularly, bushes trimmed as needed, walkways swept clean, etc.  Keep windows covered; don’t give thieves a chance to see inside the home.  Do you have a friend or neighbor who could come by on a regular basis, and perhaps park a car in the driveway for periods of time?  And, certainly, make friends with the neighbors and ask them to let you know right away if they spot any suspicious activity.

And, if the plumbing in your home is vandalized, call us right away before possible water leaks can cause even more extensive damage.  We have over 30 years experience in copper pipe replacement, including a whole house Copper Repipe.  If you have a pipe problem we can help!

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